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IS IT HOLY? (tm) Bracelets

Be a part of the Spiritual Revolution that is about to sweep the nation. In every situation ask, "Is it Holy?" Every word, every's not about what's right or wrong. The scripture say "Be holy for I am holy." We have too many Christians trying to be "good". That's why our nation and our world is in such a mess. Stop trying to be good. Start revolution of the heart. "Is It Holy?"
Our Goal is to have 100,000 of the Bracelets on people's arms during 2010. Can you imagine what would happen if only 100k Christians started making every decision in their lives by living the command, "Be holy for I am holy." Wow! "IS IT HOLY!"
They come in groups of 4. Keep one and give three away. Let's change our world by change ourselves!
The Hardest 30 Days of Your Life

In this one-of-a-kind workbook, author and youth speaker Justin Lookadoo walks with teens through the experience of radical faith.  He challenges youth to actually live out what they believe through practical steps like giving up their TV, Internet, PlayStation, and magazines for 30 days.  The unique four-color design is eye-catching and appeals to any postmodern teen.  The non-linear style is inviting and unassuming, so teens will feel that they can approach this study with confidence.  Formerly sold as Step Off: The Hardest 30 Days of Your Life,  this book has garnered tremendous positive feedback from actual teens who have survived the life-changing experience.  It will be the hardest and best book a teen or youth group has ever studied together.

Dateable: are you? are they?

Clueless about the opposite sex?  If you are now, you won't be once you read Dateable.  We've got the stuff on them they never wanted you to know.  It'll be like  you're a fly on the wall of the locker room, listening in on all the conversations you've always wanted to hear.  What does he say when you aren't areound?  What is she thinking?  Why does he do that?  What does she really mean?  It's all here.  We expose the inside world of guys and girls in this tell-all book.  Don't try dating without first being Dateable.

97 Devotions: Learn to See God in Everything

Skydiving.  Ducks.  Unexpected love.  Falling down stairs.  Doorknobs.  Compassion.  Duct tape.  What do all of these random things have in common?  Nothing - duh, thats what makes them random.  But they do all come from the random and yet somehow oh-so-thought-provoking mind of Justin Lookadoo.  And they somehow add up to a mind-altering picture of what life can be like.  Justins new book, 97, is all about digging deeper, growing bigger, and living with no regrets.

The Dirt Series (3 Books) $25.00
    The Dirt on Sex is the most in your face book on the topic of sex.  Justin doesn't hide behind the "if it feels right then go for it" lie and he doesn't hide behide a Bible verse and a prayer.  Justin lays it all out there for you to judge for yourself.  He tells you the lies that the world wants you to believe and he attacks the topics that the church is afraid to touch.  On page 7 there is a warning to the easily offended so if that's you, don't pick up this book.  You will be offended.  This book is only for those who want to know the truth about sex and how it's back up with the TRUTH.  If that's you and you are ready,  then you have to check out TDoS.
        ATTENTION PARENTS AND YOUTH WORKERS:  The Dirt on Sex is great for getting the convo started.  In fact, it is probably the best way we have found.  It's written so that it is full of facts but it is stinking hilarious.  Don't wait, get it now.
The Dirt on Breaking Up
This book tells you how to break up and how to get broke up with.  Both good skills to have.  Justin let's you know the do's and don'ts and he will give you EXACT LINES to use if you are breaking up with someone.  He will aslo give you SPECIFIC RESPONSES to someone who is breaking up with you.  This will guide you through a tough time and you will actually be stronger and more confident in the end.  Great resource for anyone in the dating game.  Read it before you Need it.
The Dirt on Drugs
The most fun book you'll read on drugs....uh...not on drugs.....about drugs.  This book is going into schools and health classes as an addedum to their health curriculum.  Justin spent 51/2 years as a Juvenile Probabion             Officer and Crime prevention Specialist and 19 years and a safe and drug free school speaker and he finally found the formula to getting students to trust and believe what you say about drugs.  "You must tell them the goods and the goods, not just the bads."  This controversial style of prevention has its critics, and Justin was one of the biggest.  But once he implemented the stragegy of telling the payoff people got from specific drugs he realize they believed him when they told him the bad stuff.  If you want to have a major impact on the choices of your students and help them stay away from many negative behaviors you must get The Dir on Drugs.
Awesome book and author!
By D. Lyons
I own multiple copies of Justin Lookadoo's "dirt" series books, as well as his other "datable" books. I do teen and college ministry at my church, and my students absolutely LOVE the crazy, hard hitting, in-your-face style of these books. The info is GREAT, and has helped MANY students work through issues with drugs, dating, sex, and breaking up. Justin is an awesome writer, knowing exactly how to make the info attractive to this age group.