Greetings, Emily & Justin...
I am currently reading "97 Random Thoughts... " and I just had to say that I am completely and absolutely in love with this book. I can relate to a lot of the stories in this book, and it has helped me through a lot of challenges and struggles in my life already, and I'm only a quarter of the way through reading it. I have recommended it to many of my friends and family members because I know how much it has helped me, and it truly is a great read for anyone. I know you don't know me, and I don't really know you, but I just wanted to thank you because this book has honestly...HONESTLY changed my life. I can't get enough of it...I literally can not put it down. The chapter that I just finished reading was #65, "Lounger". It completely touched me, brought tears to my eyes. My life motto (or, one of them, at least) is "Live With No Regrets", and I would LOVE to be able to have one, or a few, of the Lounger bracelets. How do I go about ordering them?
God has given you an amazing gift of helping and teaching. I greatly admire and appreciate your work.
I look forward to your reply and to finishing the rest of this superb book.
God be with you always and forever,

"Hey Justin! Omg! There are no words to express how awesome your talk really was! I came in thinking it was going to be another boring talk but man was I way wrong! You touched my heart. You are an amazing speaker and I’m so glad that you came to our school. You only tell the truth about things and that gets the message through. I can’t believe how much you changed the way I look at guys and the way I look at life! Thanks again!"-Christine W.

"Hey Justin! You have touched many lives, including mine. In my earlier comment I didn’t really tell you how inspiring you were and still are. But I wanted to let you know because I didn’t want you to think I was some girl who only cared about her mascara running from laughing so hard. I still apply your words to my life today!"—Ashlie

"Hi! I am a huge fan! I saw how funny you were when you came to my school and you gave us brilliant information. At first, I thought this was your everyday comedian but I was totally wrong; not only did you make me laugh, you also gave me some really valuable advice that I will never forget."—Sam D.

"Justin, your presentation was an extreme enlightenment. You made me think about my values in my life. And I had fun! It’s the most laughing I have done at an assembly ever. You took a serious issue and made it fun. You put a whole new perspective on life for me. Thanks!"—Tonya

"I am a senior in high school. You came and talked tonight but unfortunately I could not go! I wanted to hear you speak again. Yes, I said again. It’s been a long time, but I can still remember you coming to talk at my elementary school when I was in 4th and 5th grade. From then on, I always wanted to hear you speak again! Anyways, I heard you were absolutely amazing!! Thanks for being awesome!"—Brandi

"Justin is the only person I have ever met who can make you crack up laughing, while simultaneously making you think ‘that’s the deepest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say.’"—Jennifer Steele, Program Director, Center for Safe Communities and Schools

"I am emailing you to let you know how big of an impact your message had on me. I listened to you speak at the National FCCLA Cluster meeting in Cincinnati, OH, and I was so moved by your message. Now I have the power to take over my future and achieve my dreams. Thanks!"—Cody M.

"We thought your program was wonderful. You were the absolute best speaker we have ever heard. You touched on places that most are afraid to go and you taught about real things—and made it fun along the way! We would love for everyone at our school to hear you speak."—Caroline, Katie, and Cierra, Cedar Bluff, AL

"Justin understands teens! And better yet, they understand him. The connection between them is amazing. They are captivated by all he has to say and really take to heart his counsel."—Vicki Spriggs, Executive Director of Texas Juvenile Probation Commission

"He’s brilliant. His book Dateable changed my life. It’s like he knows everything about dating and relationships."—a teen from Ohio

"Justin is the only speaker that brought a change to this campus."—Vicki Neil of Rice Elementary

"These kids remember what he says every year. I just saw him do three different programs for three grades in ONE day. It was amazing the transformation that happened as we walked from one location to the other. Within a matter of a few minutes, he went from a high school to an elementary level. Incredible talent!"—Mike Griffin, principal, Lindale Intermediate School

"He throws humor into everything and makes it relatable."—a teen from Kentucky