How do I get you to come to my school/church?
Plane, train, or automobile. Seriously though, have your people call my people. Check out the contact page to fill out a booking request.
Why is your Dateable program so effective?
According to a study by The Heritage Program, there is a direct connection between teen relationships and teen depression. Those of you who work in the areas of prevention and safety know that teen depression is often a factor in a teen’s response to other common challenges like drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy, and so on. So when you help them figure out how to handle their relationships, you are also giving them positive coping skills to make it through their teen years without getting into negative behaviors.
Is the Dateable program covered under federal grants?
Yes. Both the Dateable program and the book Dateable are covered under all the same programs, including Safe and Drug Free Schools, Title I, Title IV, Campus Improvement, Character Education, and more.
I’m interested in your programs, but my school isn’t divided into the same grade levels as your programs are. How do I know which program is right for us?
Call us and we’ll work out the details. Most of our programs are focused for certain age groups, but they also have a little give. We’d warn about having too many ages or grades in one discussion, though. That may compromise its effectiveness. Give us a ring and we’ll come up with something that is just right for you.

What if we don’t have the exact times available for a certain program?

That’s an easy fix. We can adjust any program to fit your schedule. Depending on how much time you have, we can recommend the right program.
Why do you use a booking questionnaire?
We get so many requests from so many different directions that we like to get as much info as we can. That way we can determine if Justin is the right fit or if we need to help you find a different person or a different direction.
How do you know that what you are doing really works?
Justin created a program as a Juvenile Probation Officer Crime Prevention Specialist that he built around learning styles and impact-oriented initiatives. Over a four-year period the referral rate to the Juvenile Probation Department dropped by 61%. Now he uses that same framework to build all his programs.
Why do you not post your complete calendar on your website?
A lot of Justin’s programs are not open to the public—so we just don’t worry about it. If they get put up there great, and if not, oh well.
How much do you charge?
When you book Justin, you are not getting just an hour presentation. You are getting seventeen years of research and experience on how to infiltrate a person’s mind and emotions and initiate change. You are getting 5½ years as a juvenile probation officer. You are getting the author of five bestselling books. And you are taking him away from his wife and best friend who runs his world. Contact her and she’ll work out a rate structure specifically for the program you want.
At what type of events do you speak?
Justin will speak at everything from small groups to huge arenas. From kindergarten to adult staff development and youth worker trainings. Contact us and we will discuss how we can make everything fit.
What about book signings?
Justin is more than willing to sign his books wherever he speaks. As long as it is right after an event, no problem!
Will you do media interviews while you are here?
Yes. Many times we will work in enough time for TV or radio interviews while Justin is in your town, and sometimes we’ll even set up on-location newspaper or magazine interviews.
How do we get started?
Visit the Contact page to fill out a booking request form.
See you soon!

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